Bungee Trampoline

Bungee Trampoline

Our bungee trampoline can suit many different sizes of people up to 11st we have have different sizes of harnesses XS ,S , M, L.

The set up time is 30 minutes we can set up at any time for your event day or night.

If you are looking for a bungee trampoline for your event this is the one to have it comes with safety barres and trained staff that have been working for us for many years.

We have worked in this business for many years and know that there is not a one price fits all so if you are wanting a price please contact us and we will give you the cheapest price for your event.

All of our bungee trampolines are tested and insured and very well maintained

If you are looking for more than just trampolines please see our more activities page.

Why not hire a bungee trampoline for your event?

A bungee trampoline is one of the most popular activities for kids since the year 2000 and and is still the most popular today so you can see for many years a bungee trampoline is a must have for any event.

All our bungee trampolines are trailer mounted so this means we can set up 4x as fast as a regular bungee trampoline set.

We can supply our own power with a generator if need but will have to charge xtra for our for fuel.

bungee trampoline

Bungee Trampoline

As you can see from the photo below we can set up our bungee trampolines in shopping centres and halls.

bungee trampoline

If you are not shore what a bungee trampoline may do please look at the video to the right.

We work with a event organising company that can help with your event or even plan and run it for you.

They organise large events and small events so no matter what it is they can help run street events, parties, corporate events and festivals.

We do not just hire the bungee trampolines we also are the main seller of this make of bungee trampolines in the UK so if you are interested in buying please contact us.